For the following characters we are looking for actors.

If you are interested in any of the characters please send us an email and we will provide you with the information for the e-casting process.

The movie will be shot in English so it can be submitted to major international festivals. Therefore we are looking for native speakers.

JOE SPENCER - 40 years - Jimmy’s father
Joe Spencer (40) is Jimmy’s father. He works as a team leader in a small company. As a father he is concerned that Jimmy is not playing with other kids and rather stays at home playing with his imaginary siblings. Over the course of the story he relaxes a lot as Jimmy is becoming a happier child after joining the theatre group. The illness of his wife is overwhelming him as he has to look after his wife and Jimmy in addition to his job. He is trying his best to get everything done, but is close to exasperation. At the end he is completely caught off guard by Jimmy’s plan, which he had no knowledge of.

MARGARET - 37 years - Head of the theatre group
Margaret (37) is the head of the theatre group. She happily accepts Jimmy to the group and gets him in touch with Harry, another boy in the group. Margaret is a funny and dynamic person, who can show the children the fun of acting.


DOCTOR - 46 years
Calm, experienced doctor, who needs to relay to Joe Spencer the dire diagnosis of his wife.


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