„THE HEAVY LOAD“ is the story of an 11-year old boy, who wants to help his sick mother by becoming an actor in a major motion picture.


The 11 year old JIMMY SPENCER is not interested in the kids of his neighborhood. Instead he is playing with his imaginary siblings in his room - day in and day out, giving them own names and voices. Only when he joins a theatre group, he starts to enjoy the interactions between him and other children. For the first thine his parents experience him as a happy child.
When Jimmys’s mother, JIL, falls sick, his world is falling apart. Desperately he is looking for something that will help his mother. He finally has the idea to be part of a major motion picture as he believes that his mother will do everything it takes to get well and see him in his movie. With much enthusiasm he is following his plan, but his dream seems to fall thru as he is faced with new obstacles at every turn of his journey, until he meets a very special person.


We are looking for actors

If you are interested in any of the characters please send us an email and we will provide you with the information for the e-casting process.